Our Story

About Us

With a vision to instill the thought process that health is a lifestyle and not simply a short term/event based goal, Fad2Fit came into being. The goal of the brand is to transition from the notion of fads to a sustainable, balanced lifestyle making you fit in every way.

To make this objective possible, FAD2FIT identified major obstacles that often turn out to be the impediments in achieving sustainable health goals.
Appropriate solutions in the form of unique products were then designed. These products are also user friendly and addresses to two major aspects:
1. Motivation
2. Self – Empowerment

Apart from addressing the various excuses that you will see yourself giving, Fad2fit also believes that the quest to stay healthy doesn’t need to be mundane and hence, it brings to you a gamified version of health through their products. These products have a strong base work of nutrition science and research. 

The brand covers online as well as offline modes.